Daikin Altherma Air-Water Heat Pump - Outdoor Single Phase

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The full range of models are available from 4kW through to 16kW. The 4-8kW models, which are fully optimised for lower heat loads, are the latest additions to the range. Higher capacity models of 11kW up to 16kW are also available for larger properties.

The ideal heat pumps in cold weather, Daikin Altherma LT Split has exceptional frost protection, so it’s guaranteed to perform in severe weather down to -25°C.
The system can be connected to all types of low-temperature heat emitters including under-floor heating, low temperature radiators, fan coil units and heat pump convectors. The result: one system for optimal year-round comfort.


National Heat Pump awards 2013
  • Full range of 4-16kW models - ideal for all new build and retrofit applications
  • 3-phase options are also available.
  • Designed for even the most severe European winters
  • Guaranteed to work even when it's -25°C outside
  • Perfect partner for underfloor heating and heat pump convectors
  • Optional solar support for domestic hot water"