BBJ Trunking

The BBJ Trunking products we stock allow you to conceal your air conditioning and pipe work in a tidy and professional manner resulting in a cleaner and better looking installation.

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Ivory Trunking Connection Piece (Socket)

Ivory Trunking Connection Piece (Socket)From:  £2.20

Available in CP-70 and CP-105

Ivory SpeediDuct 90º Flat Elbow

Ivory SpeediDuct 90º Flat ElbowFrom:  £6.00

Available in Sizes FB-70 and FB-105

Ivory SpeediDuct External 90º Elbow

Ivory SpeediDuct External 90º ElbowFrom:  £5.38

Available in Sizes EIN-70 and EIN-105

Ivory Straight Duct Trunking

Ivory Straight Duct TrunkingFrom:  £19.44

Available in Sizes D-70 and D-105

Ivory Walls Cover (For Inlet Or Outlet)

Ivory Walls Cover (For Inlet Or Outlet)From:  £6.66

Available in Sizes WC-70 and WC-105

Ivory SpeediDuct 90º Elbow Bend

Ivory SpeediDuct 90º Elbow BendFrom:  £5.30

Available in Sizes EB-70 and EB-105

Ivory SpeediDuct Duct End Cap

Ivory SpeediDuct Duct End CapFrom:  £2.88

Available in Sizes DC-70 and DC-105

Ivory SpeediDuct End Socket

Ivory SpeediDuct End SocketFrom:  £4.60

Available in Sizes DE-70 and DE-105

Ivory Spediduct 45º Flat Bend

Ivory Spediduct 45º Flat BendFrom:  £6.74

Ivory SpeediDuct Flat Rosette

Ivory SpeediDuct Flat RosetteFrom:  £1.91

Available in Sizes FR-70 and FR-105

Ivory SpeediDuct Flexible Joint

Ivory SpeediDuct Flexible JointFrom:  £2.50

Available in Sizes FJ-70 and FJ-105

Ivory SpeediDuct Wall Rosette

Ivory SpeediDuct Wall RosetteFrom:  £3.57


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items