Enviromax™ Popular (Boilerhouse)

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FIREBIRD CPO018RDB Popular (Boiler House)12-18kW

FIREBIRD CPO018RDB Popular (Boiler House)12-18kW£1,960.73   £1,176.44

FIREBIRD CPO020RDB Popular (Boiler House) 20kW

FIREBIRD CPO020RDB Popular (Boiler House) 20kW£2,037.43   £1,222.46

FIREBIRD CPO026RDB Popular (Boiler House) 26kW

FIREBIRD CPO026RDB Popular (Boiler House) 26kW£2,115.29   £1,269.17

FIREBIRD CPO035RDB Popular (Boiler House) 35kW

FIREBIRD CPO035RDB Popular (Boiler House) 35kW£2,685.00   £1,611.00

FIREBIRD CPO044RDB Popular (Boiler House) 44kW

FIREBIRD CPO044RDB Popular (Boiler House) 44kW£3,316.76   £1,990.06

FIREBIRD CPO058RDB Popular (Boiler House) 58kW

FIREBIRD CPO058RDB Popular (Boiler House) 58kW£3,561.57   £2,136.94

FIREBIRD CPO073RDB Popular (Boiler House) 73kW

FIREBIRD CPO073RDB Popular (Boiler House) 73kW£3,865.04   £2,319.02

FIREBIRD CPO100RDB Popular (Boiler House) 100kW

FIREBIRD CPO100RDB Popular (Boiler House) 100kW£5,171.44   £3,102.86


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
  • Patented heat exchanger design
  • Built from premium quality steel
  • Compact design
  • Multiple tapping points for ease of installation
  • Sturdy well insulated casing minimising heat loss
  • High performance Riello RDB burner complete with full diagnostic control box