Cubigel R404A/R407C High/Medium Back Pressure Compressors

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Cubigel MS26TB-V 1HP Compressor - Valved

Cubigel MS26TB-V 1HP Compressor - Valved£385.22   £327.44

Cubigel MS22TB-V 1HP Compressor - Valved

Cubigel MS22TB-V 1HP Compressor - Valved£377.19   £320.61

Cubigel MX21TBa 7/8HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel MX21TBa 7/8HP Compressor - Tubed£348.84   £296.51

Cubigel MX18TBa 7/8HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel MX18TBa 7/8HP Compressor - Tubed£322.61   £274.21

Cubigel MPT14RA 5/8HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel MPT14RA 5/8HP Compressor - Tubed£253.73   £215.67

Cubigel ML90TB 3/8HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel ML90TB 3/8HP Compressor - Tubed£182.18   £154.86

Cubigel ML80TB 3/8HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel ML80TB 3/8HP Compressor - Tubed£172.64   £146.75

Cubigel ML60TB 1/4HP Compressor - Tubed

Cubigel ML60TB 1/4HP Compressor - Tubed£159.09   £126.80

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

We’re a South West based trade supplier of Cubigel R404A/407C HIGH/MBP Compressor Units products and we can guarantee our products are of the highest quality. Also, with our extensive range of Cubigel R404A/407C HIGH/MBP Compressor Units, we’re sure to be able cater to all your Cubigel Compressor needs.

Popular part numbers from our Cubigel R404A/407C HIGH/MBP Compressor Units range: ML45TBML60TBML80TB