Medium Temperature


• 11 Medium Temperature models all on the ECA list
• 5 Low Temperature models
• Selectable electronic control, Standard FSC or PEEC™
PEEC™ offers improved efficiency over standard fan control systems
• Copeland scroll compressors for ultimate reliability
• Low noise profiled fan motors 6 or 8 pole
• Sound attenuated compressor compartment
• Thermoguard anti-corrosive coil finish
• All units complete with required associated components for operation
• All units high ambient as standard


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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

The Hubbard ‘HZ’ range incorporates a unique electronic board designed specifically for operation of a refrigeration unit, the Controller uses transducers as well as a temperature probe to provide the most up to date control system currently available. Simple to install with pre-set parameters and functions never seen before on a condensing unit, the HZ board is unique to Hubbard*.

• Pre-configured parameters for pump-down operation, reduce set up time on site
• Set up as standard for Fan Speed Control operation for reduced operational noise at low load with low ambient set back feature
• In built protection systems and use of quality components ensure long term component life cycles
• Volt free contacts allow connection to BMS systems
• *PEEC™ ensures that the optimum efficiency is gained from the system without compromise
• *PEEC™ is selectable and fully automatic in operation, all set points are configured whatever the application
PEPI™ Simple diagnostics via separate plug in hand held digital pressure monitor reduces potential for refrigerant loss, simply plugs into control board
* Patent pending No.GB0918635.4