Parker Sporlan V Series Solenoid Valves & RT14 Coils

The Parker Sporlan V Series is a new range for the liquid line, suction line and hot gas service for refrigeration and AC applications.

The V Series is compatible with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants and blends and most refrigeration oils in the limit of MRP of 35 bar.

  • Minumum refrigerant temperature is: -40°C.
  • Maximum refrigerant temperature is: +105°C.
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Sporlan V4F3 3/8'' Flare (SAE) Solenoid Valve

Sporlan V4F3 3/8" Flare (SAE) Solenoid Valve£36.37   £30.91

Sporlan Coil RT14 Coil EV-240V/50Hz

Sporlan Coil RT14 Coil EV-240V/50Hz£32.04   £27.23

Sporlan V4S2 1/4'' Solder Solenoid Valve

Sporlan V4S2 1/4" Solder Solenoid Valve£37.03   £18.52

Sporlan V4F2 1/4'' Flare (SAE) Solenoid Valve

Sporlan V4F2 1/4" Flare (SAE) Solenoid Valve£32.25   £16.12

Sporlan PG9 Din Connector

Sporlan PG9 Din Connector£2.78   £1.39


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Valve Nomenclature and Identification.


RT14 Coil Rating.