Climate Controls and Spares are trade suppliers of Robinair Vacuum Pumps, designed for use on A/C R-systems using CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs in conjunction with mineral, ester, alkylbenzene and PAG oil as lubricants.

Robinair combine simple operation with brilliant accuracy. Our Robinair Pumps include; Offset Rotary Vanes, Gas Ballast Feature, Die-Cast Aluminum Housing and are CE Approved.

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Robinair S020249 RA16455 TruTrack Ultrasound Leak Detector£1,284.66   £1,091.96

Robinair S040638 RA15144 Pump less motor RA15121£1,018.76   £865.95

Robinair S070144 RA19484 Compressor Repair Kit£1,012.35   £860.50

Robinair RA15121 CoolTech Vacuum Pump

Robinair RA15121 CoolTech Vacuum Pump£985.00   £837.25

Available In 4CFM, 6CFM and 10CFM

Robinair S040069 RA43160E Digital Manifold 4-Way£788.09   £669.88

Robinair S040013 RA116214 - Motor 15601£656.75   £558.24

Robinair S040018 RA15548 Pump ass. less motor 15601£656.75   £558.24

Robinair S040017 RA15547 Pump ass. less motor 15401£602.28   £511.94

Robinair S040012 RA15465 - Motor 15401£589.47   £501.05

Robinair S080317 Hydraulic Pipe Expander£516.16   £438.74

Robinair S040047 RA118638 Motor for RA15121A£493.36   £419.36

Robinair S070178 RA17578 NO Solenoid (for 17801K)£493.36   £419.36

Robinair S070119 RA14388 Oil Charge Pump£474.13   £403.01

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If you have any pre-sales questions, please call us on 01752 894 777. Our Robinair Vacuum Pumps are available to buy online direct from us and delivery is generally next working day from the UK.

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