Climate Controls and Spares are trade suppliers of Robinair Vacuum Pumps, designed for use on A/C R-systems using CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs in conjunction with mineral, ester, alkylbenzene and PAG oil as lubricants.

Robinair combine simple operation with brilliant accuracy. Our Robinair Pumps include; Offset Rotary Vanes, Gas Ballast Feature, Die-Cast Aluminum Housing and are CE Approved.

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Robinair S070183 Red R134A Coupler£157.57   £133.93

Robinair S070184 Blue R134A Coupler£157.57   £133.93

Robinair S080024 RA39072A 1/4" FFI Quickseal Hose£268.79   £228.47

Robinair S080025 RA18065 Compressor Oil Injector£200.03   £170.03

Robinair S080026 RA16258 R12 Oil Injector 1/4" SAE£207.83   £176.66

Robinair S080027 RACT-275 Flaring and swaging tool£207.83   £176.66

Robinair S080235 AC Smart Bender Pre-Insulated£96.89   £82.36

Robinair S080317 Hydraulic Pipe Expander£503.58   £428.04

Robinair S080330 RA-EXP-DBT - Deburrer£16.34   £13.89

Robinair S100002 RA69060A - Set(3) 60'hose set (YRB)£237.54   £201.91

Robinair S100008 RA41720 2way manifold 72" hose set£459.45   £390.53

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If you have any pre-sales questions, please call us on 01752 894 777. Our Robinair Vacuum Pumps are available to buy online direct from us and delivery is generally next working day from the UK.

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