TIF Leak Detection

All refrigeration systems should be checked for leaks for a number of reasons, for example; the cost of replacing lost refrigerant and legislation to phase out and ban CFC’s.

TIF Handheld electronic leak detectors, Spectroline UV Fluorescent Leak Detection and simple RTU Bubble Up solution are all options for detecting refrigerant leaks.

Here at Climate Controls and Spares, we have TIF Leak Detection Equipment in stock and available to buy online, direct from us.

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TIF XP-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector R32

TIF XP-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector R32£227.70   £139.00

TIF 8900-E Combustible Gas Detector

TIF 8900-E Combustible Gas Detector£568.97   £483.63

TIF S020147 ZX-3E - Battery charger 230V£58.91   £50.07

TIF S020148 TIF-8806B - 220v Battery Charger£85.93   £73.04

TIF S020161 TIF ZX-14 Repl. filter ZX-15 & tip£19.78   £16.82

TIF S020164 TIF 5750A Refrigerant Leak Detector£604.37   £513.72

TIF S020165 TIF-8806A Rechargeable Battery£53.27   £45.28

TIF S020200 TIF ZX7 Battery Pack for ZX1£201.35   £171.15

TIF S020208 TIF ZX-25 (TIFZX-1 Hard Carry Case)£94.91   £80.67

TIF S020212 TIF ZX-15 Replacement Filter ZX-1£19.78   £16.82

TIF S020219 TIF ZX-6 (TIF ZX-1 Charging Base)£169.29   £143.90

TIF S020227 TIF100055 ZX-1 Keypad£51.08   £43.42

TIF S020228 TIF100060 ZX-1 Rubber Grip£25.53   £21.70

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If you have any pre-sales questions, please call us on 01752 894 777. Our TIF Leak Detection products are available to buy online direct from us and delivery is generally next working day from the UK.

It is now a legal requirement that a system with over 3kg of refrigerant should be checked for leaks on an annual basis. This means making leak detection part of an on going maintenance programme.

The Spectroline UV Fluorescent Leak detection system is also ideal for detecting all fluid leaks.