DryAll Filter Driers

Liquid Line Filter Drier DCH Series (Solid Core Type)
The unique desiccant blend and manufacturing process of the solid cores which are used in the DCH series of filter driers gives the range the following unique features:-

The DCH series of filter dryers are uniformly effective across the entire solid core at capturing moisture and acid.
The solid core found with the DCH series also provides excellent deep filtration, capturing and retaining particles as small as 10 microns, without causing unacceptable high pressure drops.
No contaminates, moisture or acid are able to bypass the solid core, as it is sealed to the drier shell wall.
The high degree of moisture capacity of the DCH series, means that the core removes large amounts of water in a single pass, thereby protecting the expansion valve from freezing up and minimising the risk of acid formation in the system.
Approved for use with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants.

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Replaceable Filter Drier Cores

Replaceable Filter Drier Cores£19.30   £16.41

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With over 25 years experience, and 5 million units produced, it is no wonder that OEM’s the world over trust Dry All.

1) Drying capacities are based on the following moisture content test standards before and after drying –

R134a: From 1050 ppm W to 75 ppm W. If drying to 50 ppm W is required, reduce stated capacities by 15%.
R404A/R507: from 1020 ppm W to 20 ppm W.
R407C: From 1020 ppm W to 30 ppm W.
R410A: From 1050 ppm W to 60 ppm W.
R22: From 1050 ppm W to 60 ppm W in accordance with ARI 710-86
2) Given in accordance with ARI 710-86 for te = ?15°C, tc = 30°C and ?p = 0,07 bar (1 psig)