Sauermann Pumps

We stock the following products by Sauermann:

  • Sauermann Tank Pumps.
  • Sauermann Peristaltic Pumps.            
  • Sauermann Refrigeration Pumps.
  • Sauermann Mini Pumps.                       
  • Sauermann OEM Pumps.

The use of a condensate pump leads to the optimisation of the interior design of the installation unit; removing the need for bulky, and now unnecessary, pipe work needed to compensate for heavy formation of condensates. One of the other major positives of a Sauermann is its inclusion of non-return valves, and these are great for limiting the bacteria risk, and contamination, caused by the stagnation and back-flow of waste water.

Sauermann Condensate Pump's come in either two piece or a single piece and operate based on four alternative types of Sauermann pumps:

Oscillating Piston Pumps: condensation evacuated via piston.

Centrifugal Pumps: condensation evacuated via turbine, intended for high flow rates. (Intended for condensates identified as either heavy, or charged.)

Peristaltic Pumps: Compession of a tube via a roller evacuates water condensation, regardless if it's charged, or not. (Operate on their own, and without the need for water.)

Membrane Pumps: powered by four pistons, and like the Peristaltic pump it can remove water, charged, or not.