Sauermann Pumps For Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating

Sauermann Pumps



Sauermann condensate pumps and accessories aim to provide control and improvement to indoor air quality in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. With over 40 years experience within the HVACR industry the Sauermann Group has excellent knowledge in designing and manufacturing pumps. 

We stock the following pumps by Sauermann:

  • Sauermann Tank Pumps
  • Sauermann Peristaltic Pumps - Compression of a tube via a roller evacuates water condensation, regardless if it's charged, or not. (Operate on their own, and without the need for water)            
  • Sauermann Refrigeration Pumps
  • Sauermann Mini Pumps                       
  • Sauermann OEM Pumps

The use of a condensate pump leads to the optimisation of the interior design of the installation unit; removing the need for bulky, and now unnecessary, pipe work needed to compensate for heavy formation of condensates. One of the other major positives of a Sauermann is its inclusion of non-return valves, and these are great for limiting the bacteria risk, and contamination, caused by the stagnation and back-flow of waste water.