Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering is a market leader in Air Conditioning maintenance products since 1982. The range includes: SmellyJelly fragrances, Condencide Disinfectant Cleaner, Evaporator Cleaner with Disinfectant, Condenser Cleaner Aerosol and Alkaline Condenser Cleaner.

We have Air Conditioning Evaporator Cleaners and Air Conditioning Condenser cleaners in stock and available to buy online. The function of the indoor coil is to remove heat from mechanically circulated air. All of the air in the building will, in time, pass through these coils. Eventually, due to the large volumes of air that passes through the coil on a daily basis there will be an accumulation of dirt and possibly bacteria on the fins and tubes of the coil. Where no filters are used the problem of dust and contamination are of course much greater and regular cleaning is even more essential.

We also have Condenser Cleaners in stock and available to purchase online.
Air cooled condensers operate at a high temperature and the air entering them is rarely, if ever, filtered. They are often exposed to extremes of environmental conditions eg. in coastal areas, aluminium finned condensers particularly, are subject to corrosion by the saline atmosphere.

Buy Condenser cleaners online directly from us or call us on 01752 894 777. Delivery is generally next day and European delivery is generally 3 - 5 working days depending on your location.