Refrigerant Oil

Polyolester oils, or POE oils, constitute the second generation of lubricants which were developed for use with HFCs.  POE oils are excellent lubricants which are more stable than PAG variants when in the presence of water.  POE oils are intended for use in all refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

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Fuchs Reniso C 85E 10Ltr£509.89   £433.40

Fuchs Reniso Triton SE/SEZ Synthetic Refrigeration Oils£145.71   £123.85

Available In 32, 55, 68 or 170

Fuchs Rensio K Naphthentic Mineral Refrigeration Oils£192.56   £163.67

Available In KC 68 or KS 46

Fuchs S140200 Reniso PAG 100£21.74   £18.47

Fuchs S143212GB Reniso C85E£38.48   £32.71

Fuchs S145021 HVAC Oil£9.18   £7.80

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Popular part numbers from our Refrigerant range: R449A XP40