Privacy & Cookies Policy

Last Updated 13/04/2018

Our privacy policy describes how we collect, use and process your personal data, and what steps we take to make sure that we comply with our legal obligations to you.

We may amend our Privacy and Cookies Policy from time to time so please visit this page if you wish to stay up to date.

Privacy Policy

What Personal Data do we collect and how is it used?

Online Customers -  We only gather personal data online directly from you, this will be information you have consented to give us, either through signing up to our newsletter or placing an order with us. We also use cookies to collect a small amount of data about our online customers, such as session and basket history. This is so that we can provide you with the most succinct online shopping experience, along with working to improve this in future. For more detailed information on our Cookie Policy please click here.

We also gather information given to you by us, if you make a purchase through our site (e.g. your name, email address, payment address and details) or if you sign up to our newsletter (name and email address). We do not hold your payment details.

For efficient payment processing we use both Sage Pay and PayPal. They receive only necessary information to verify and authorise your payment and process your order. Organisations such as these are under strict obligation to keep your personal information private.

We will never release your information to any third party for their mailing or marketing purposes.

How can you access, amend or take back the personal data that you have given us?

To access your personal data, amend or delete your personal data from our site simply sign in at the top left of the website, and go to ‘My account’, here you will be able to make any changes desired.

If you have been receiving marketing emails from ourselves and no longer wish to receive these, you can remove yourself from our database by scrolling to the bottom of any of our emails and clicking ‘unsubscribe’.   

If you have visited one of our stores and given us your personal information this way, you can contact us via telephone at 01752 894777 or email us at and we will either amend or remove your personal data as per your enquiry.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We only share your personal data with the third parties that is necessary to do so. For example, during our online purchase process we collect initial personal data through cookies (for more information on how we use cookies please click here), if you then proceed to make a purchase, we only share the necessary personal data with our payment providers, who adhere to a strict policy (to learn more about how Sage Pay collect information please click here, to learn more about how PayPal collect information please click here). We will then only pass on the necessary information to whichever courier company you select at checkout or the supplier who will deliver your goods, to ensure the delivery process goes as smoothly as possible.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are small text files that are placed onto the device you are browsing upon be it computer, mobile, or a tablet. Cookies allow users to navigate sites in the way in which a site has been intended to be used and help to improve the overall user experience.

No personal data is collected by these cookies.

What are the cookies that we use?


Specific to our site we only use two cookies, the ‘PHPSESSID’ cookie and the ‘Session’ cookie. The PHPSESSID cookie recognises the same user is clicking from page to page, this gives us a more accurate user level data, as well as allowing you to smoothly process your order from cart to checkout.

The Session cookie will allow you to retain items in your basket if you leave the site and then return later. This also allows you to remain logged in, unless you sign out.


We use Google Analytics services, who use cookies to help us to analyse and understand how our visitors use our site. You can find more information on how Google Analytics use cookies here.

Another Google service, is a cookie that displays on our site. DoubleClick is used to improve advertising, and gain intelligence on a user’s interests. A common example of how this cookie would be used is to make the ads you see more relevant to you, by gathering information on what websites you have been looking at, which is why you might see an ad for a product or service that you have previously been looking at. It will also help to put you into a category, for example, your demographic and interests, which in turn will help us to improve our user experience by assessing our relevance to you. The cookie itself contains no personally identifiable information.

How do I delete cookies?

If you wish to control the cookies used or delete these from your browser, simply use the help function in your browser. If you are using google chrome you can clear your cookies by following the steps outlined here.

If you’re stuck, you can also visit About Cookies to give you a step by step guide on how to do this.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone at 01752 894777 or email us at

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