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DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus)
DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus)
First choice for building projects
The DucoBox Energy Comfort is a Mechanical Ventilation box with Heat Recovery (MVHR). This smart and silent ventilation box, with its adjustable capacity of up to 450 m3/h is the ideal solution for apartments and houses due to its compact size. The left/right exchange is 100% software-driven thanks to the patented principle of double by-pass. The dynamic air distribution filters, together with the smart demand control based on CO2 and humidity, ensure for exceptional efficiency within this compact unit.

Zonal ventilation with external multi-zone valve
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Compact & light
This lightweight unit of 21 kg can easily be installed by 1 person. With its compact dimensions, the DucoBox Energy Comfort is ideal for a small technical space!

Left/right exchangeable
This unit is very user-friendly because physical interventions are not necessary. The left/right exchange is carried out 100% by software thanks to a patented principle of double by-pass.

AUTO calibration
Relying on the principles of calibration at constant pressure, this method achieves a 50% saving on calibration time. DUCO saves you time!

High Efficiency
The use of dynamic air filters guarantee a very high efficiency rate. In combination with the possibility to include intelligent on-demand-controlling of the DucoBox Energy Comfort (based on CO2- and/or humidity-sensors), this results in a very energy efficient performance.

Smart copy function
Thanks to a “copy”-function which is integrated on software-level, the installer has the possibility to copy the settings and parametrisation of one DucoBox Energy Comfort onto the next DucoBox Energy Comfort. This is particularly useful in a serial construction with the same types of houses.

Compact external 2-zone control
With external 2-zone control, the house is divided into a day and night zone.

This zonal control is based on CO2 and humidity. It only provides ventilation where and when needed, in the right amount.

Zonal ventilation ensures maximum energy savings and increases acoustic and thermal comfort.

external multi-zone valve for the DucoBox Energy Comfort
Discover the 4 benefits of the multi-zone valve:

1) Compact installation
The multi-zone valves are installed in the supply ducts (D125 or D160) and require only 78 mm clearance. They can be used at any point in the duct system. The installer can make his own choice according to ease of installation, accessibility, …

2) Energy savings
When using zonal ventilation, we don't ventilate a whole home but only the rooms where people actually are. This means our systems need to work less hard, which results in substantial lower energy consumption (40%) from the ventilation unit as well as the heating system.

3) Quieter operation
Reduced motor rotation which ensures a significantly quieter operation (30%).

4) Enhanced thermal comfort
Thanks to the unique principle of comfort temperature setting, you can define the temperature for each zone yourself, for example 21.5° for the day zone and 18° for the night zone. This provides significantly increased thermal comfort.