Buffer Vessels - For Use With Solar Thermal Systems

Designed for use in solar thermal systems, Zilmet buffer vessels protect the membrane from excessive temperatures by providing heat dissipation above the expansion vessel. Having this buffer allows for a lower overall membrane temperature.

Buffer Vessel In A Solar Thermal System

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Zilmet VSG35 35L Buffer Vessel

Zilmet VSG35 35L Buffer Vessel£145.58

Zilmet VSG18 18L Buffer Vessel

Zilmet VSG18 18L Buffer Vessel£76.03

Zilmet VSG12 12L Buffer Vessel

Zilmet VSG12 12L Buffer Vessel£36.07

Zilmet VSG8 8L Buffer Vessel

Zilmet VSG8 8L Buffer Vessel£31.08

Zilmet VSG5 5L Buffer Vessel

Zilmet VSG5 5L Buffer Vessel£29.53


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items