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Veto AX3561 Tech Pac Black

Veto AX3561 Tech Pac Black£241.00

Veto AX3503 Tech-XL Tool Bag

Veto AX3503 Tech-XL Tool Bag£174.36

Veto Pro Pac OT-LC   AX3509

Veto Pro Pac OT-LC AX3509£165.00

Veto AX3513 MCT Tool Bag

Veto AX3513 MCT Tool Bag£117.65

Veto AX3522 TP-XL Tool Pouch

Veto AX3522 TP-XL Tool Pouch£106.81

Veto AX3516 Pro Pac Tech MC

Veto AX3516 Pro Pac Tech MC£104.01

Veto AX3521 MB3B Tool Bag

Veto AX3521 MB3B Tool Bag£103.60

Veto AX3506 MC Tool Bag

Veto AX3506 MC Tool Bag£85.30

Veto AX3508 MB2 Tool Bag

Veto AX3508 MB2 Tool Bag£55.88

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Designed for the HVAC/R technicians’ tools and working environment. The Tech Pro Pac® tool bags are built to last.

• Tough plastic handles
• Heavy duty fastenings and zips
• Hinged ergonomic handles
• Large tool pockets
• Small punch & bit pockets
• Small neoprene pockets
• Waterproof base (3mm polypropylene)
• Weatherproof body fabric (1800 PVC impregnated denier fabric)
• 5 year zero downtime warranty (Bags supplied without tools. 5 year zero downtime warranty. Terms and conditions apply.)