Daikin Extended Warranty Policy

The following sets out the Commercial Warranty Policy

AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT (Ordered and Delivered on or after 1st April 2016*

3 Years Standard/5 Years can be Purchased** on the following Products

Split & Sky Air Systems (Matched Pairs Only)                            
High Sensible Sky Air Split Systems                                           
Multi Split Systems (Matched Combinations Only)                  
VRV Outdoor Units & VRV Indoor Fan Coils (Except VRV-Q)   
VAM/VKM Total Heat Exchangers                                                   
RZQ200/250 Commercial Split (Standard Combinations Only)   
Daikin/Biddle Air Curtains Connected to Daikin VRV Condensing Units)   
Low Temp and High Temp Hot Water Modules connected to Daikin VRV or Multi Split Condensing Unit  
Daikin Manufactured Air Conditioning Accessories   

Standard Warranties

Replacement VRV-Q (with new Fan Coils)***    3 Years**
Commercial Heating Equipment    
Flex Outdoor Unit****    1 Year Installer Commissioned/3 Years Daikin UK Commissioned
Domestic Heating Equipment    
Altherma**** Outdoor Unit    3 Years
Altherma**** Hydro Box    3 Years
Altherma**** Domestic Hot Water Cylinder    3 Years
Altherma**** Hybrid    3 Years
Daikin Manufactured Heating Accessories    3 Years
Commercial Heating Equipment    
“Air Cooled Chillers-Must be commissioned by Daikin UK on all Chillers except EWA/YQ-A and EWA/YQ-BA models”    1 Year
“Water Cooled Chillers-Must be commissioned by Daikin UK on all Chillers except EWWP-KB models”    1 Year
Condensorless Water Chillers-Must be commissioned by Daikin UK    1 Year
Chilled Water Fan Coils    1 Year
Packaged Equipment UATY units    1 Year
Modular Air Handling Units    1 Year

Refrigeration Equipment (Ordered on or after 1st April 2016*
Convenipack**** Must be commissioned by Daikin UK 1 Year
Zeas**** 1 Year
Industrial Condensing Unit**** Must be commissioned by Daikin UK 1 Year
ERQ connected to Daikin/Biddle Air Curtain 1 Year ERQ/3 Years Air Curtain
3rd Party Connectable Condensing Units
ERQ Connected to 3rd Party 1 Year
ERAD Connected to 3rd Party 1 Year
Spare Parts 1 Year
All other equipment and Accessories 1 Year
Air Purifier 1 Year

*For previous warranty periods please refer to the DAUK 3 Year Warranty policy available on request
**Not on single items/On whole orders only-See optional variations in this document for guidelines
***Please refer to our specifi c VRV-Q Warranty Lengths available and the associated Terms and Conditions shown in our Price List
or available on request
Only applicable to “C1 Partners” and customers who have prior approval to purchase this type of equipment and based upon terms
being met
2. Standard Warranty Period - Conditions
• The engineer has attended a Daikin Training Course for the installation of the equipment
• The engineer has attended a Daikin Training Course for the maintenance of the equipment
• Repeat warranty replacements will be subject to investigation and in some instances may aff ect the extended warranty
terms granted.
• Daikin products that are relocated are excluded.
As well as the above, the Sixty (60) month warranty policy is subject to the following conditions.
• The Daikin equipment is purchased, installed, Commissioned and maintained throughout by an authorised Climate
Controls and Spares C1 Approved Installer, and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
• Copy of the commissioning report is submitted to Climate Controls and Spares UK Ltd
• In the event of the Climate Controls C1 Partnership being dissolved, all purchases will revert to standard warranty terms
and conditions
• Any replacements issued under warranty will be maintained from date of original invoice.
3. Procedure
• Climate Controls and Spares UK ltd receive a claim for warranty replacement: despatch parts, together with warranty
forms, returns documentation and invoice.
• The warranty forms must be returned to Climate Controls and Spares UK Ltd within 7 days. Once Climate Controls and
Spares UK Ltd receive the completed claim form (and faulty parts if required) then the appropriate Credit or Technical
rejection will be issued.
• Any claim submitted seven (7) days after invoice date WILL NOT be considered for credit for items surplus to requirements
or that have been ordered incorrectly.
• If a claim is deemed to be fraudulent C1 status will be revoked and the claim refused.
• Throughout the warranty period maintenance records must be kept that can be inspected on request.
• All claims are at the discretion of the Directors
• In the event of any dispute, Climate Controls and Spares Directors decision is fi nal
4. Optional Variations Air Conditioning Equipment
Extension of Warranty Terms (excluding VRV-Q)
• On Air Conditioning equipment only - extended nontransferable warranty can be purchased to increase the term from 3-5
years from date of delivery from Daikin UK for specifi c orders (not individual items).
• The cost of this warranty will be calculated based upon 3.5% of the Trade Price List Values (not net buying price) of the
total order.
• The extended warranty value can be quoted at the time of your enquiry and your fi nal order should then include all the
equipment quoted plus the warranty value if you wish to take this option.
• The extended warranty value will be invoiced at the time of the fi rst equipment delivery and should be paid in full to vali
date the extended warranty.
• Once extended warranty is paid for, this would then become non-refundable

4. Optional Variations on Domestic Heating Equipment
Transfer of Warranty from Contractor Held warranty to Home Owner Held Warranty:
• A request to transfer warranty on a specifi c home for domestic heating products from contractor held, to homeowner
held, can be made via the Daikin website.
• Registration to homeowner warranty must be registered within 30 days of delivery of unit.
• After site registration is gained, Daikin UK will then uphold the warranty for 3 years directly with the home owner.
• Home owner warranty policy and its terms and conditions will then apply and supersede this policy (a copy wich is
available on request)
5. General
• Climate Controls and Spares UK Ltd reserve the right to update this warranty (and it’s terms and conditions) without
6. Contact Information
Climate Controls and Spares warranty can be contacted by:
Telephone: 01752 894777
Email: info @climatecontrolsandspares.co.uk

Commercial Warranty April 2016
Climate Controls and Spares UK Ltd, Units 3/4 Beech Road Business Park, Beech Road, Cadleigh, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9HN
01752 894777
Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 06847224